NEWS RELEASE: Pete’s RV Center Partners with Thousand Trails

The Pete’s RV Center dealer group is proud to announce their affiliation with the Thousand Trails campground and resort membership network.

With the purchase of an RV from any of their locations, Pete’s RV customers are presented the opportunity to sign up for a one-year, complimentary camping pass.

We are really excited to be named a national account with Thousand Trails,” says Phil LeClair, Marketing Director at Pete’s RV Center, “Uniting two organizations that promote the family camping experience further enhances the benefits we offer to our valued customers.”

Thousand Trails has been providing families with memorable camping experiences for over five decades. They have one of the most expansive networks of RV resorts in North America, reaching twenty-two states across the US and British Columbia.

With nine locations and counting, Pete’s RV Center Dealer Group provides full service assistance to RVers throughout the United States and Canada. Originally established in South Burlington, Vermont, Pete’s RV Center has proudly been operating since 1952.

Just Arrived: Cortes Campers Joins Pete’s RV Center’s Inventory

Pete’s RV Center is delighted to sign with US Lighting Group as a Cortes dealership. Our Vermont, Indiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Virginia locations will all carry Cortes Campers’ state-of-the-art, fiberglass travel trailers. 

These units are ultra light-weight and have four season capability—with an interior and exterior shell of molded fiberglass, they are models are constructed without any wood or carpet. Meaning no corrosion, mold, or rot in your camper.

Cortes Campers are built like a boat—durable and strong, ready for an adventure.

Currently in stock, with more models on the way, is Cortes 17. This travel trailer, which comes in an array of vibrant colors, is 17 feet long and 8.11 feet wide. It sleeps two with a rear dinette that converts into a double bed. At its middle sits an additional, smaller dinette, as well as a kitchen with a sink, 8.0 cu ft fridge, microwave oven, and three burner stove. A bathroom and closet space are at Cortes 17’s rear. 

Cortes 17 also has double pane acrylic windows, a marine gelcoat, anti-skid floors, all stainless steal fasteners, plug and play wire harnesses, and a patented gray water dump system.

View our current selection of Cortes Campers:

New EnglandVirginiaSouth CarolinaIndiana

Learn more about Cortes 17’s additional features and add ons here! 

nuCamp Releases Teardrop Signature Series in Collaboration with Leaf + Linen

In partnership with Leaf + Linen, nuCamp has recently introduced the Signature Series Tab Teardrop Camper. Leaf + Linen is an Ohio-based clothing and home goods company with a clean, elegant aesthetic—offering a ‘calm, restorative feeling’ to this new edition of the Tab trailer. 

This unit follows the same layout as their current 320S teardrop floor plan with a front galley kitchen, adjacent wet bath, and dinette that easily converts into a sleeping area at the rear. 

On the exterior of the Signature Series Tab is a metallic vinyl of Leaf + Linen’s letter and pictorial mark—giving the interior room to reflect the brand through its serene palette of coastal teal cushions, sandy driftwood flooring, and alabaster countertops. 

The 2023 Signature Series Tab Teardrop Camper includes standard features of a Tab camper, such as the Alde heating system, central AC, Nautilus water management system, and Goodyear tires. This unit, however, sets itself apart with wood cabinetry that has the premium feel of typical Class B motorhomes.

“We aimed to combine the quality nuCamp build with Leaf + Linen’s clean style and sophistication,” says nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble, “to make a travel trailer you will fall in love with every time you walk in.”

Contact our New England, Virginia or Indiana locations for information on acquiring your very own Tab Signature!

Learn more about the Signature Series from nuCamp here.

Pete’s RV Center Will Now Carry Brinkley RV

Pete’s RV Center is elated that Brinkley RV’s luxury campers will be joining our extensive inventory. Brinkley currently offers two models—Model Z 3100 & Model G 3500, with more on the way. Model Z 3100 is a mid-sized fifth wheel with, amoung many features, has H-rated Cooper tires, flush floor slides, and class-leading 79.5″ bed & bath interior height. Model G 3500 is a luxury toy hauler that ‘offers dozens of intelligently designed features, an automotive exterior, and a true residential interior’.

Model Z 3100 interior photo.

Brinkley RV is owned by Ryan Thwaits, Ron Fenech, Micah Staley, Bill Fenech, and Nate Goldenberg, who came together with years of respective RV experience to build a brand that focuses on customer satisfaction. They say, “Due to the industry’s noticeable shift in focus away from customer experience and product design, [we] saw a unique opportunity to recreate the RV experience for dealers and customers”. Brinkley aims to put customer feedback at the center of their production work to create campers that are truly for their audience.

Model Z 3100’s bedroom.

Check out the current selection of Brinkley RV’s in our inventory.

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October 5 – 8, Peanut Festival, Suffolk, VA

October 13 – 15, Pittsburgh RV Super Sale, Pittsburgh, PA

October 27 – 29, RV Super Sale, Fort Wayne, IN

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nuCamp’s Fiberglass Barefoot Officially Rolls off Production Line

If you’re familiar with nuCamp, you may easily recognize their teardrop, clamshell, or cirrus campers—all uniquely shaped travel trailers designed to accommodate those interested in an off-the-beaten-path type of camping experience. These RVs are compact, easy-to-tow and the epitome of tiny-living. 

This line-up will soon have company as nuCamp is finally sending their long-awaited Barefoot travel trailer off to production. Diverting from the brand’s usual style—this camper has a bold seaglass colored exterior and round fiberglass body. It sets itself apart with its ‘retro-chic’ aesthetic and more spacious interior.

This is an incredibly unique product we are sure you will love!

nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble

nuCamp initially announced plans to manufacture Barefoot in 2019 when they partnered with the British company Barefoot Caravans. It took two years to “Americanize” the trailer for North American patronage due to COVID restrictions, and the first official unit was produced only this past December. 

The brand is excited to finally release this product now that they’ve finished fine tuning. nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble says, “Our goal was to take the beautiful UK Barefoot and transition it to the U.S. market. We wanted to maintain the look and feel of the unit all while adding in components and features the North American market has come to think of as a standard. The high quality you have come to expect with all the nuCamp products will be no exception with the Barefoot. This is an incredibly unique product we are sure you will love.”

10 Things I’ve Learned About RVs

Prior to joining the marketing team at Pete’s RV Center, I could name maybe one RV manufacturer and thought the word ‘motorhome’ was interchangeable with ‘camper’. After just a few weeks, however, I can name at least five or six manufacturers off the top of my head and I know the main difference between a travel trailer and a fifth wheel. But, the learning doesn’t stop there, so here’s what Pete’s has made me contemplate about RVs and the RVing lifestyles so far.

1. RVs come in all different shapes and sizes

Growing up, I’d be invited on the occasional camping trip with friends or family members who owned your standard travel trailer or expandable unit. These experiences led me to associate camping (on wheels) closely with these specific types of trailers. Pete’s RV Center, however, has opened my eyes to the wide selection of units the RV world has to offer. 

2. They’re made to fit different lifestyles

From massive fifth wheels or class A motorhomes to your more compact nuCamp Cirrus or Airstream Basecamp, RVs are made to fit a range of lifestyles and camping journeys. A solo traveler that prefers to take trips in the mountains or deep wilderness may enjoy a smaller trailer that is made to endure rougher terrain. While a retired couple who are planning a long term road trip around the country are probably more interested in a fifth wheel with lots of space and amenities. 

3. Small space ≠ small amount of possibilities 

When you consider furnishing a small space, it may seem like the options are limited—and depending on the dimensions, they can be. But looking at just a handful of RV floor plans from different models and manufacturers makes it apparent that ‘small space’ does not necessarily equate to a small amount of possibilities.

Just because a trailer is on the tinier side doesn’t mean it can’t still have a spacious rear bath with a full tub or a large pantry closet. Living in a compact environment doesn’t necessarily mean limiting your options or letting go of amenities that are important to you.

4. RVs are versatile

Contraptions like murphy beds, convertible u-dinettes or jack knife sofas allow you to have functional living areas without giving up space, or needing more. There are also units such as toy haulers, which have a garage at the rear, making your trailer an even more adaptable vehicle. 

5. You can accessorize

Upon purchasing an RV, many come with add ons for an additional cost—such as extra TVs, a security kit, extra furniture, solar panels, etc. They are a great way to upgrade your camping experience. You can also install accessories later on, and Pete’s parts department carries plenty. 

6. If you’re handy…

Buying used and renovating is always an option. Like most things bought secondhand, the severity of wear and usability varies from trailer to trailer, some may be ready to go while others require major updating. And while accessorizing is one thing, reconstructing is a whole other ball game. But if you’re up for a challenge, purchasing a significantly cheaper option and reselling down the road could be a great investment.

7. RV names mean something

The names of RVs break down into five different parts. For an example we’ll use the 2022 Forest River Alpha Wolf 388BHRD. The number at the front, of course, refers to the year. The next phrase is the manufacturer, ‘Forest River’, followed by the model, ‘Alpha Wolf’, and the most interesting part (in my opinion), the last sequence of letters at the very end indicate the model’s floor plan, ‘FK’ meaning ‘front kitchen’. Floor plans that end in RB mean ‘rear bathroom’, BH means ‘bunkhouse’, SLX/XLT are ‘lightweight or ultra-light’, and the list goes on. Additionally, numbers that come before these acronyms refer to the model number, or in some cases, the length of the trailer. 

8. There are RV-specific navigation tools

When driving an RV, it’s best to use an RV-specific GPS or GPS app. The average navigation system doesn’t account for the larger dimensions of a trailer, and may lead you to lower clearance bridges or roads with weight limits. Many RV GPS devices also come with resources from other RVers regarding where the best places are to stop, fuel up, or get a repair. 

9. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean camping is

Much like actual birds, ‘snowbirds’ migrate south for winter. When the temperatures start to drop up north, those who enjoy the warmer weather and want to prolong their time camping head to warmer destinations. And those who don’t have to winterize their RV to avoid internal damage. 

Women in yellow shirt holding toilet paper in front of her.

10. RVs need specific toilet paper

If you already own an RV, it’s very concerning if you don’t already know this, but RVs need toilet paper that disintegrates quickly. Unlike regular toilet paper, RV-friendly paper dissolves faster to avoid clogs in your holding tank or sewage system. 

Just as learning about anything unfamiliar is..getting to know more about RVs is a bit overwhelming. There are so many different types, brands, models, accessories, not to mention the inner workings of how they function—how to take care of them, what sort of maintenance they need. RVs are complex in many ways. But, the more interesting things in life are, and I can think of far less compelling things than entire homes on wheels!