nuCamp’s Fiberglass Barefoot Officially Rolls off Production Line

If you’re familiar with nuCamp, you may easily recognize their teardrop, clamshell, or cirrus campers—all uniquely shaped travel trailers designed to accommodate those interested in an off-the-beaten-path type of camping experience. These RVs are compact, easy-to-tow and the epitome of tiny-living. 

This line-up will soon have company as nuCamp is finally sending their long-awaited Barefoot travel trailer off to production. Diverting from the brand’s usual style—this camper has a bold seaglass colored exterior and round fiberglass body. It sets itself apart with its ‘retro-chic’ aesthetic and more spacious interior.

This is an incredibly unique product we are sure you will love!

nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble

nuCamp initially announced plans to manufacture Barefoot in 2019 when they partnered with the British company Barefoot Caravans. It took two years to “Americanize” the trailer for North American patronage due to COVID restrictions, and the first official unit was produced only this past December. 

The brand is excited to finally release this product now that they’ve finished fine tuning. nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble says, “Our goal was to take the beautiful UK Barefoot and transition it to the U.S. market. We wanted to maintain the look and feel of the unit all while adding in components and features the North American market has come to think of as a standard. The high quality you have come to expect with all the nuCamp products will be no exception with the Barefoot. This is an incredibly unique product we are sure you will love.”

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