Ten Year Rule Troubles RV Owners

Imagine not being let into your favorite campground because of your RV’s age. It’s more likely than you think. Despite the increasing popularity of vintage RVs, some campgrounds are not admitting RVs aged 10 years or older. When enforced, the rule takes no account for the condition or maintenance of an individual’s RV, eliminating them from some high-end campgrounds strictly based on age.

RV parks who enforce the ten year rule usually list this information on their website, and drivinvibin.com says that while the rule is seen in some campgrounds across the country, Florida and Arizona enforce it most frequently.

Many campgrounds who say they enforce the rule might not be as strict as their stated policies.

“Almost every RV park that implements the 10 year rule also allows exceptions for it. In our experience (owning in vintage RVs for 5 years), we’ve never been turned away. Most often RV parks will ask for a picture of your RV. They will either allow or deny based on the picture.” drivinvibin said.

The website polled nearly 500 RVers, and a whopping 88% did not agree with the rule.

Park owners use the rule to guard against RVs on the decline, but most RV owners say there’s no foolproof way to weed out unkempt RVs.

Of the same RVers surveyed about the 10-year rule, 82% agreed that park owners do have the right to deny entry based on the RV’s condition. Check out the original article here for more details.

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