Pete’s RV Center Wins Plethora of Awards for #1 Vermont RV Dealership

Pictured: Vermont sales team.

2020 marked another year of happy camping for Pete’s RV Center, whose Vermont dealership won seven #1 Dealer Awards from Statistical Surveys.

Despite being closed from mid-March until May 18th 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Pete’s ended the year stronger than ever. The Vermont sales team collected seven #1 Dealer awards, including #1 Dealer of All Recreational Vehicles for the State of Vermont. The other #1 Dealer in Vermont awards Pete’s RV received were for motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class ‘A’, Class ‘C’, and towables.

Pete’s RV Center purchased a fifth dealership in Mountville, Pennsylvania just one week before the pandemic hit, and all five locations thrived alongside the original Vermont dealership upon their post-lockdown re-opening.

Throughout the United States, the RV sales flourished in 2020 as other industries withered, with many manufacturers reporting record sales in multiple months.

Pete’s RV Center’s Airstream of Vermont, the exclusive Airstream dealer in Vermont, benefitted enormously from this success, as Airstream reported a 36% increase in net sales in 2020 over 2019, setting a record for the infamous 90 year old company.

Some of the most popular units at Pete’s RV Center in Vermont continued to be Jayco RVs, which the dealership also carries exclusively in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and alongside other brands in Indiana and Massachusetts.

The high quality customer experience at Pete’s RV Center sets the dealership apart in Vermont. With over 60 five star reviews on Google, customers praise the exception service and sales quality at Pete’s RV.

Located in South Burlington at 4016 Williston Road, Pete’s RV has your back for all your RV sales and service needs. With locations in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, we have a RV for every type of camping fan.

Pete’s RV Express Pick-Up Offers A Quicker Route To Camping

The manufacturing delays caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic aggressively affected the RV industry, despite a quick bounce-back of record setting RV sales during the summer of 2020. Some manufacturers have nearly caught up to dealership’s demand for new product, while others, like Airstream, warn of year long delays for consumers between ordering a vehicle and receiving it.

As summer approaches, don’t get stuck waiting weeks or months for your RV to arrive!

At Pete’s RV Center, we have RV’s on the ground ready for purchase, despite all the industry delays. Here’s Chad to tell you more:

Check out some of our most popular express pick-up units here!

Pete’s RV Center has your RV needs in mind, and we know you want to be camping as soon as possible. With locations in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, give us a call today, and be camping sooner than ever!

Fighting Rust in Your RV

The contagious and ugly look of rusted metal is a frequent source of panic for boating enthusiasts, but often ignored by RV owners. Expecting zero rust to develop on your well-loved RV is a little too optimistic. Rust comes from many sources, most of which are easy to solve. To manage this rust, and avoid the damaging corrosion it can cause, the first step is keeping your eye out for rust’s causes.

Rust can develop on any exposed metal surface. This means that any tiny scratch on the RV’s exterior coat of paint is susceptible, in addition to everything going on in the rarely visible undercarriage below your RV. When driving around the country on the adventures you love, you’re more likely to have scraped the undercarriage of your RV than you might think, even if you’ve never noticed. It’s not just rocky off-roading that’ll ding up your unit. Speed bumps, loose gravel, and even roadkill can all create enough scratches to make rust a relevant risk.

Even without damage from exposed metal, road salt in places fighting snowfall and sea salt by the coast can create rust on the undercarriage and frame. Inside the vehicle, condensation from simply breathing in your RV can create rust on the windows, and on any exposed metal inside.

By now you might be a little afraid of your own RV, but all this rust is easy to prevent, now that you know where it could be. Locating exposed metals is key: take a slow walk around your RV at least once a week whenever you’re using it and look for any exterior scratches, then touch them up with a coat of paint or get them professionally repaired, if necessary.

A fundamental rust prevention technique is rinsing your RV’s undercarriage, whether at the car wash or with your own hose. If possible, mixing baking soda in your rinse water can even help neutralize any damage salt has already created.

Undercoating your RV will protect it even further, and stop the spread of any rust that might already exist. This can be done with something as simple as the Undercoating in a Can spray. Look at all mechanical components beneath the RV, as they are the most susceptible to corrosion, another problem to take care of that usually signals nearby rust development.

If you find an existing rust formation, a stiff wire brush will scrape it off after a few minutes of work. When it’s removed, keep practicing your rust prevention skills by covering the exposed metal with the rust-inhibiting paint you use for touch-ups.

If you spot a large area or rust or corrosion, don’t try to patch it all up by yourself. The metal in the area could be weakened, creating a safety hazard that needs professional repair. Your local RV store can take care of it easily.

At Pete’s RV Center, we’re here to take care of all your RV sales and maintenance needs. With dealerships in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, has you covered!

10 Things You Learn Working at Pete’s RV Center

Joining the Marketing Department of a RV dealership brings a whole new meaning to the word “camping”. Ten things immediately jumped out when the job began about all of the details that distinguish each RV, and the major eye-catching amenities that campers drool over. First came the most basic two categories igniting debates at campsites: motorhomes vs. trailers. 

1.    To Tow or Not to Tow

The motorhome is made for the entire trip to occur in one vehicle. Motorhomes are self-propelled, so the driving of the RV is done by the driver sitting inside it. 

      2021 Jayco Redhawk 22C

The trailer, however, provides more flexibility, but without being able to run to the bathroom as easily at a red light. It is a non-driving vehicle that must be towed by a driving vehicle, usually a pickup truck, to get anywhere. The major perk of owning a trailer is being able to detach it: once you’re at a campsite, you can take your car off the trailer and head to a nearby attraction without having to move everything you’ve brought along on the trip with you. 

2021 Jayco Jay Feather X213 travel trailer. 

2.     The Mutual Love of Airstream and their Fans

The fabulous and aesthetically pleasing Airstream brand is more than just a hand crafted RV from Ohio, it’s an entire lifestyle enjoyed by thousands. You don’t often spot the people who have made a full time home in their Airstreams if you aren’t frequenting camping areas, but they are out there, floating around from one beautiful campsite to another. There are so many, in fact, that all 2021 Airstreams currently being built are sold out until the end of the year.

Airstream is very aware of these “off the grid” customers who live full time inside their product. Their Airstream Ambassadors program profiles stories of many people living regularly in their Airstream vehicles. The brand even started an Airstream Customer Council in 2019, consisting of twelve members given regular contact with the Airstream executive team on product quality, dealership experience, and service experience. 

3.     The Many Sides of Forest River

At any given moment, hundreds of Forest River RV’s are eagerly waiting for you in Pete’s RV Center’s extensive inventory. Within Forest River, there are dozens of different model brand types available, each with their own array of different floor plans and features. 

The quantity and diversity of model types within the Forest River empire are astounding, and it would shock the casual RV consumer just how many different RVs one brand can produce each year. From the Wolf Pups to the Vengeance Rogues, Forest River has an RV for any customer’s interest type, with their brands listed here

4.    Indiana: The World RV Headquarters

Frequently dismissed as a “flyover state” by nonresidents, there aren’t many facts that come to mind when an outsider wonders what’s going on in Indiana. But mention the state to a RV enthusiast, and their eyes light up at the thought of thousands of new RVs coming out of the state each year. 

Indiana is the RV capital of the world. Over 80% of RVs are made in the state, with an entire 128 page guidebook written by RV historian Al Hesselbart about Indiana’s thriving RV industry. Elhart, Indiana even holds the RV and Motorhome Hall of Fame Museum and Library, a charming stop with RVs from several iconic eras. 

5.     Off the Grid Actually Means Better WiFi than at Home

Full-time RV enthusiasts who live and travel in their units love to show the world their photogenic “off the grid” experiences. And many of us are jealous of their frequent scenic stops! But off the grid doesn’t mean what it once did. 

With the rise of remote workers, office space built inside of RVs, and increasingly high quality WiFi systems built into new RVs each year, one can live off the grid of traditional neighborhoods while remaining completely in touch with the rest of the world, online. In a way, you’re choosing which grid it is you are on or off of–avoiding troublesome neighbors while hopping from one faraway campground to another, but still keeping up with that daily news podcast that keeps you in the loop. 

6.     The Childish Joy of Bunkhouses

Every kid who’s ever laid eyes on a bunk bed has strong opinions about them, from the eternal debate of whether the top or bottom bunk is the better option to whether they even want to sleep that close to a sibling in the first place. Surely, a bunk bed where you can wake up in a new place everyday is the content of many childhood dreams. 

Naturally, some genius RV designers have taken this into consideration. “Bunkhouses”, which are often separated from the rest of the unit by their own door, are quite possibly the best feature for a camping family. 

Bunkhouse in the 2021 Forest River Arctic Wolf 3880SUITE.

Looking at these as an adult, childish instincts quickly kick-in and excite campers of all ages. 

7.     Storage is King

A bunkhouse would be in chaos without appropriate room to store all the toys, gadgets, and snacks that join kids on a trip. Each year it seems that RV manufacturers become more innovative with how much storage room can be neatly packed inside. 

A plethora of cabinets and a loft area in the 2021 Keystone RV Montana High Country 377FL.

8.     The 2020 RV Boom

In a year where most vacations came to a screeching halt, RV sales exploded. said that “The 507,200 units projected for 2021 would represent the best annual total on measurable record for the RV industry, eclipsing the 504,600 units shipped in 2017.” This is remarkable, especially considering that RV manufacturing was shut down for a full two months of 2020 due to the pandemic. 

And it makes sense that in times of isolation, people would turn to RVs. Staying in your camper creates an automatic barrier of social distance from everyone else that is impossible to achieve in a hotel. Campers are often found parked far away from highly populated areas, with many campgrounds occupying some of the most remote areas of the United States. 

9.     The Amazing Quality of Luxury RVs

The peak of RV design is seen in the most luxurious units, the kind of RVs that make you think, “Wow, why am I paying for an apartment when I could live in this?”. Not only are the sleek features of these vehicles superb, they are illuminated by some stellar lighting. 

This Party Deck option on the 2021 Jayco Seismic 4125 looks like something out of a modern California coastal home built hundreds of feet above the ocean. The Seismic 4125 also has one of the finest walk-in showers in a 2021 RV, and a beautifully lit bedroom hidden away from the party. 

You can tell by a quick look at the floor plan how much luxury can really fit into one unit.

In the quality-of-life Olympics, this stacks up far better than most apartments–and many homes. 

10.     The Magic of The Slides

Holding down the button to open the slides of your RV is a very similar feeling to being a child and choosing which bunk bed belongs to you, some scientists believe. These seemingly magical slide-out walls increase the RV’s size significantly, providing more than enough room to stretch your legs after a day on the road. 

Not only are slides a neat feature to flex at the campground, they turn a vehicle into a classy home. 

If you saw a picture of this kitchen and dinette in the 2021 Keystone Montana 3231CK without context, how would you know that it’s in a RV and not a high-end kitchen store? The transformation that slide-out walls created here give the kitchen the ability to hold such large dimensions. 

At Pete’s RV Center, we bring all of your favorite parts of RVs to you. With a wide variety of RVs with many features in stock, now is the time to check off your own list of the best features that belong in your RV. 

RV Extended Warranty – Protect Your RV

Hey guys. Welcome to Pete’s RV Center. My name is Christine. I work in the Vermont location. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about what is included in our Full Protection Platinum Package. Um, so then that way you guys have an understanding and know what is covered in your camper. Um, so first off, you are going to have in your Protection package, is a service coverage. Everything covers you for five years. You’re going to have all of the major appliance covered. You’re going to have your microwave, your stove, your refrigerator, your AC system, all of your holding tanks. Anything electrical and mechanical will be covered in this camper.

Uh, you also have a 100% parts and labor, that’s going to be covered so you don’t have to worry about paying those additional costs. You will also have, um, a mobile technician straight for you to use, that will come to wherever you are, so then you don’t have to worry about pulling your camper if you are a seasonal camper, or you’re just gotten to your camping location. Within this Protection, you also are going to have an eco-protection, a tire protection, and roadside assistance.

Going to go a little bit more to explain to you what the eco-protection is, which is an interior/exterior protection. Included in that, you will see that I’m dropping some oil onto a little platform. I’m going to explain how that’s going to protect you, and then I will show you how that works. Uh, the interior/exterior protection will protect all of your upholstery from stains and odors, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and it’ll protect the outside of the camper from any harsh elements such as sun fading, acid rain, and bird droppings.

As you can see, with that little bit of talking, with the upholstery that you have here, you have one side that is not protected, and one side that is protected. The unprotected side, the oil has seeped in. If you can see, the oil has not seeped in on the other side. That is going to put a barrier, which protects all of that upholstery, even leather, if you have jeans that might [transpire 00:02:17] to that leather, it will protect that as well.

If you guys want to come onto the outside, I’ll go ahead and explain the tire portion. Now that we’re on the outside of the camper, I’m going to just point a few more features on the outside that are also covered on under the service coverage. Uh, you will have any of the kitchenettes, refrigerator, stoves, um, are also all covered, along with the propane connection and electrical connection. Your awnings and any slide outs your camper might have, as well.

On to the tire portion, your tires are covered, um, with a multi seal and a road hazard. So how that’s going to protect you is it gives you a longer life in the tire, so if you roll over any form of debris, it automatically fills that hole, and it helps breakdown, helps protect the breakdown of that rubber as well. Um, if you damage any of the wheel as far as hitting a pothole, you will also have that covered on both your camper, and your towing unit.

One of my personal favorites is also the roadside assistance. With the roadside assistance, you have a 24 hour help hotline and an emergency line. So if you run into any situation along your camping adventures, you can call them. They will walk you through it. They will help you. Um, and they also have a lockout service, as well, so if you ever lock yourself out, they can come and unlock the camper for you. If you have any other questions, or if you want some more details, please feel free to call any of our locations. Ask for the de- business department, and we would be happy to answer any of your questions. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and happy camping!

The transcript of this presentation is available here.

Pete’s RV Center is prepared for all of your RV care needs. With locations in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, come check out today to make all your camping dreams come true.

Pete’s RV Center Sees Huge Success in COVID-safe RV Show

Pete’s RV Center has exceeded expectations for RV shows in a socially distanced world: they created a show of their own.

Eastern States Exposition, more commonly known as “The Big E” in West Springfield, Massachusetts, typically hosts the largest camping and outdoor show in New England, with over 200 exhibitors spanning over 270,000 square feet.

But with the February 2021 show cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions against having the usual tens of thousands of people gathered at the show, Pete’s RV Center invented a new way to view their enormous indoor RV selection.

The company took over the Young Building at The Big E for 60 days with the Rolling Into Spring Sale, heating the warehouse-style space and filling it with 100 RVs.

Rows upon rows of organized RVs showed a dazzling number of brands and floor plans.

The biggest change in Pete’s exclusive show from past years of the Camping and Outdoor Show? Appointments.

The Rolling Into Spring Sale was based on customer appointments, where times with RV Lifestyle Consultants were scheduled before people interested in touring RVs entered the building.

This not only ensured social distancing within the RVs, but gave each customer individualized attention not always seen at huge RV shows.

The indoor environment in chilly West Springfield created a comfortable shopping experience that can be challenging to find during a winter RV search. Families were seen happily checking out dozens of RVs, and individuals were able to meticulously compare features.

Hosting the show for 60 days allowed everyone interested in seeing a RV to do so at a time convenient to them, which drew praise from customers.

Pete’s RV Center would like to thank the West Springfield community and The Big E, who graciously allowed us to host the show and were extremely welcoming despite the show’s unusual circumstances.

How to Keep Your RV Interior Germ and Bacteria Free

Speaker 1 (00:11):

One of the most important things RV customers demand is a clean and healthy environment. Studies have shown that the interior of vehicles may contain more than 1,500 times the amount of bacteria as the average house does. RVs provide a wonderful environment for harmful germs and bacteria to thrive and to multiply.

Speaker 1 (00:31):

The National RV Care interior products are water-based, environmentally friendly products that are EPA registered and kill 99.9% of germs and odor causing microbes, bacteria, mold, and mildew, while providing a high performance barrier against stains for five years. These eco friendly products not only help protect against oil stains, food and beverage stains, and vinyl fading, they also help prevent odors caused by bacteria, microbes, mold, mildew, fungi, and algae. These anti microbial products for the interior of RVs are extremely green, they are non toxic, non flammable, non hazardous, and don’t contain any VOC’s.

The transcription of this video is available here.

At Pete’s RV Center we care for the quality and cleanliness of your RV. Stop by for more sanitation strategies, and to view our excellent selection of RV units.