10 Things I’ve Learned About RVs In My First Month at Pete’s RV Center

I’ve spent many weekends of my life camping throughout New England, but as someone who belongs to more of a backpacking and car-camping family, the world of RVs was completely foreign to me before I began my position as a marketing admin at Pete’s RV Center about a month ago. In the weeks that I have worked here I have learned more than I could have imagined about campers.

1. What does RV stand for?

This is probably obvious to some, but I really didn’t know! RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. But what can be classified as an RV? 

2. Motorhomes, teardrops, pop-up campers… all of the above! 

Before I started here, I thought “RV” was synonymous with “motorhome”, and that trailers and pop-ups were “campers”. However, all campers are RV’s, and all RV’s are campers! They are interchangeable terms that apply to any trailer or vehicle that has living accommodations. 

3. RV Dealerships can be “exclusive” with one manufacturer 

An RV Dealership may be partnered with one specific manufacturer, so all or most of their new inventory must be of the same brand. In South Windsor CT, Pete’s RV Center is Jayco exclusive. This is great for Jayco fans because our lot has the largest inventory of Jayco RVs in the area and we can show potential customers many different types of units and floorplans of their favorite and most trusted manufacturer. 

4. Hidden features everywhere! 

The first time I opened the door to a seemingly tiny teardrop camper, I was amazed! What looks like it would barely fit a small mattress makes the most of very little space by having incredible design features such as hidden storage, multi-functional furniture, outdoor kitchens, and more. Some even have bathrooms and refrigerators! 

5. All the floorplans 

RV shoppers truly have the luxury of choice when picking out the best camper for their family. Once they land on a manufacturer and the specific model they are looking for, they can then browse through many different floor-plans to pick and choose the features they love. For example, many families with young kids prefer a floorplan featuring a bunkhouse for some extra sleeping space! 

6. Everything is a bed! 

Even if you don’t find a camper with a bunkhouse, chances are there will be more sleeping room in your camper than meets the eye. In addition to a bedroom, many campers have features such as convertible sofas and dinettes. This is a great way to save space in your camper while still providing the option for your friends and family to come along with you on your camping trips! 

7. VIN Numbers 

A quick fun fact that I found interesting when I started here is that motorhomes commonly have two VIN numbers – one for the chassis manufacturer and the other for the motorhome manufacturer, as these parties are frequently different.  

8. Generators

How you will power your RV is definitely something important to consider when purchasing your new camper. Some units have built-in generators, while many others do not. If your RV does not have a generator included, check out this video for some tips on how to choose which generator is best for you.

9. Batteries

Speaking of generators, I was very nervous the first time I had to hook up a battery to a camper. It’s not rocket science! As long as you are careful not to touch oppositely charged cables together, it is very easy and safe. Batteries also have built in safety features to prevent extreme damage to the unit (or harm to you) if you make a mistake. You’ll most likely be down a battery though, so be careful!

10. The size!

When I first stepped into a Class A motorhome, I was shocked at how spacious the living accommodations were. Some of the largest motorhomes can be between 300 – 400 square feet with the slide-outs extended – that’s bigger than some studio apartments!  

While I do still love car camping and backpacking, being immersed in the RV industry for a month has shown me a whole new side of camping that I knew very little about before. Pete’s RV Center can help campers find their perfect new travel-sized home so they can live comfortably in the beauty and excitement of the outdoors.